African Cashew Alliance (ACA)

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General Information

Crop: Cashew

Geographic scope: Africa

Active Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Benin and Guinea Bissau.

Initiated in 2006

A platform established by African and international businesses to promote a global competitive African cashew industry, present in 11 different African countries.

Members: Private sector ((63%) acting as the core of the platform- ranging from farmers, traders, to processors, to buyers, transporters, consultants, exporters etc), 12 Government, Civil Society (3 NGOs), Farmer Associations (4 cashew associations), Research and Others (2 research institutes and the Trade and Development Group from the Netherlands).



Processing Cashews in African remains low.

The African Cashew Alliance began as an alliance of African and International Businesses, which had the common goal of promoting African cashews globally.


Intentions and aspiration

To increase the processing of cashews, improve competitiveness and sustainability, and facilitate public-private cooperation of the cashew sector in Africa.

The African Cashew Alliance envisions the African cashew industry to be globally competitive and to benefit all who partake from the farmer to the consumer. Their mission is to support the industry via technical assistance and facilitating investments, promoting market linkages and international standards, as well as sharing information and best practices. It targets a variety of groups (depending on the projects) including: African Cashew Processors, Traders and Exporters, international buyers and cashew farmers.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is governed by the Executive Committee (EC) giving the platform strategic direction, general guidance as well as oversight to the:

  1. ACA Secretariat,
  2. The Advisory board,
  3. The Steering Committee,
  4. The National Committees or National Private Cashew Business Association
  5. The ACA members (public or private).

The Secretariat manages programme development and implementation, and overlooks daily operations of the platform (including project management, membership, fundraising etc). Moreover, information of all ACA’s members is collected in order to ensure exclusive market intelligence for their businesses.



Activities and outputs

Core activities, products and services are available to members in the platform such as annual events namely ‘ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo’, annual reports and expert publications on the Cashew industry, market information systems, quality sustainable seals, technical assistance to processors, investment support and access to finance.


Monitoring and evaluation



Posted in Competitiveness, Regional, Sharing best practices/standards, Single crop.