AgriProFocus (APF)

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General Information

Crop: Multiple (all agricultural products including dairy and meat)

Geographic scope: Global

Active Countries: Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Myanmar, Niger, RD Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and the Netherlands.

Initiated in 2005

AgriProFocus makes agribusiness work for development in low-and middle-income countries, through an international network entailing Dutch roots in the Asia and African region.


Private sector (agribusiness companies such as Bejo, Heineken and Rabobank), Government members (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands), International donors (Fair & Sustainable, Heifer, Hivos, OIKOCredit, Oxfam Novib, Solidaridad, the Hunger Project, Woord en Daad and ZOA), Partners (The Global Coffee platform), Farmer Organisations (Agriterra, FrieslandCampina and Icco Cooperation), Expert and research members (from Dutch Universities).



Making agribusiness work for development!

By sharing lessons learnt from the Netherlands’ experience, regarding joint action and learning in close proximity, the platform enables strong networks with between farming, business, civil society, politics and science/ technology.


Intentions and aspiration

AgriProFocus is an international multi-stakeholder network in the agri-food sector consisting of farmer entrepreneurs, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations. By bringing these stakeholders together, their individual and collective impact increases.

Active in 13 countries in Africa and South-East Asia, and linking 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide, we are the go-to network for farmer entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains.

The AgriProFocus network members collaborate to strengthen the position of farmers and other agri-entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains. Entrepreneurs, small and medium scale, who are market oriented, business driven and willing to learn, innovate and grow. Entrepreneurs who together can, and will, make a difference for sustainable food and nutrition security at national, regional and international level.  
The role of AgriProFocus secretariat and Country Networks is to facilitate:

Linking: AgriProFocus members work through the network to be able to have access to each others resources, contacts, expertise, tools and knowledge.

Learning: Through the learning activities AgriProFocus facilitates members to explore, create and strengthen opportunities for synergy and joint action.

Leadership: Building on evidence based cases, our members jointly shape the discourse at national, regional and global level. Our leadership activities offer members leverage and improved visibility & credibility.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is governed by a Board (including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs), and the platform consists of a Participants’ Council and Board members. For each country network, there are country coordinators, assistants, and a network facilitator based in the APF Support Office inUtrecht.



Activities and outputs

The platform provides core activities, products and services, including country-based support teams, and an overall support team in the Netherlands, that run the networks. Moreover, the platform provides country networks/pages, which are shared assets, from and for contributing networking professionals and Dutch partnership members. Registered members can access useful local contacts in the agricultural world, market products and services, discuss policy issues and highlight member’s innovations. Moreover, the platform connects members to agribusiness professionals, broker new partnerships and collaborations, co-create innovative solutions to agribusiness challenges and provide a space to share ideas, knowledge and business innovations.


Monitoring and evaluation

In order to identify M&E activities, the platform measures its success through ‘market uptake’, which looks at how stakeholders use their network results to the benefit of agri-entrepreneurs through indicators such as partnership deals, innovations and policy changes.


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