Bagre Growth Pole Project

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General Information

Crop: Multiple (rice, Maize and Vegetables)

Geographic scope: Burkina Faso

Active Country: Burkina Faso

Initiated in 2015 (expected completion 2020)

The Bagre Growth Pole Project aims to sustainably boost agricultural productivity, output and income.

Members: International and Regional donor agencies (World Bank and the African Development Bank)




Poverty and limited agricultural sector.

The project, started by the African Development Bank Group, aims to tackle poverty issues as 43.9% of the total population, and 50.7% of the rural population live below the poverty line. In addition to this, subsistence farming and poor diversification coupled with high factor costs and limited infrastructure limits the potential of the agricultural sector.


Intentions and aspiration

Boost agricultural infrastructure development, value chain development and project management.

The platform’s mission is to create a sustainable economic growth that acts as a catalyst to the Burkina Fasan national economy. It focuses on three types of target group, (1) small farmers, young agricultural operations and (3) private operators. The public good the project aims to contribute to is the improvement of agricultural infrastructure and capacity-building for farmers and development stakeholders, which will reduce poverty, promote youth employment, social disparities and lastly, act towards climate change. The project follows the ADB’s strategies focusing on key infrastructure development, good governance and private sector development and inclusive growth, food security and regional integration.


Arrangements and capacitities

The Bagrepole Board of Directors acts as a Project Steering Committee and governs the platform. Moreover, there is a specialised team for the implementation of the Bagre Growth Pole Project ranging from a general manager, to director of economic development, to officer of land management, to an environmentalist, to a monitoring-evaluation expert and so on. Additionally, the Scretariat distributes the funds of the platform in three key areas:

  1. Agricultural Infrastructure Development,
  2. Development of value chains, and
  3. Project management.


Activities and outputs

The project offers Agricultural Infrastructure Development (consisting of extension irrigation infrastructure, rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, and production storage and marketing infrastructure, extensions of the primary canal and surge tank, rehabilitation of the irrigation area, and warehouses and post-harvest infrastructure) and Value Chain Development (including boosting the production and productivity of small farmers, supporting agricultural entrepreneurships and access to quality inputs through a range of core products).


Monitoring and evaluation

M&E activities are conducted by the M&E services of Bagrepole, with external M&E being conducted by the department responsible for the implementation of projects, in association with the representatives from the directorates in charge of Design Studies and Planning of the Ministries of Agriculture, Water Resources, Livestock and the Environment. External M&E is reviewed biannually, and the project is be audited annually.


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