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General Information

Crop: Sugarcane

Geographic scope: Global

Initiated in 2011

Bonsucro is a certification body working in 38 countries with the aim of reducing the environmental and social impacts of the sugarcane production. Bonsucro began as the Better Sugarcane Initiative, a global multistakeholder nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugar cane production. It links its name to a product, process, or service that has been certified by an independent certification body as being in compliance with the Bonsucro standard. It is the first global standard for sugar cane.

Members: There are a range of international private-sector members from the industrial sector, intermediate sector, and end users. The NGOs and civil society involved are of international scope and from many types of backgrounds; moreover, farmers—mostly from Brazil and India, but also from Mexico, Pakistan, Colombia, Fiji, Swaziland, and Australia—are also involved.




Lack of sustainability in current sugarcane production

Bonsucro was created by 30 stakeholders in the global sugarcane industry who identified and discussed the key social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production. The platform was created in response to the lack of sustainability in current sugarcane production. In order to tackle this challenge, the platform is a focal point for the collaboration between members of the value chain, as well as NGOs, and brings together different perspectives to create the Bonsucro standard.


Intentions and aspiration

Develop sustainable producer communities for the sugar-cane sector

The platform intends to develop sustainable producer communities for the sugar-cane sector, and aims to target stakeholders who desire to improve the productivity and sustainability of producing sugarcane and derived products, as well as buying and selling sugarcane products. The platform has three goals: (1) assured production, (2) assured supply chains, and (3) assured origin.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is governed through a board of directors entailing a committee of finance and risk, a governance and nominations committee, and a technical advisory board. Key members of the governance structure include team members, the member council, and the Bonsucro ambassadors. Members, depending on their category, pay an annual fee set by the Board.


Activities and outputs

The platform aims to inform using tools, advice, an insights forum, outputs, and pacts; to improve through program support, by increased assurance, and by developing local programs to address specific key issues and opportunities; and lastly, to inspire the investment of resources, investing in change and identifying investment and technology areas to support local change. The platform organizes training around the world; it also offers its members a quick certification scheme and platforms for learning and sharing.


Monitoring and evaluation

The platform monitors compliance and measures the improvements in Bonsucro’s certified members in accordance with the Bonsucro standard. It also identifies areas of improvement. M&E has also been designed in order to monitor organizational effectiveness and general awareness of Bonsucro itself. There are three main purposes for the platform’s M&E program, including (1) outcomes and impact communications—where the results are showcased and communicated to the overall platform—(2) Bonsucro standard strategies, helping the platform to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior it creates, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, and (3) organizational learning and adaptive management to enable Bonsucro to gain in house a better understanding of the effectiveness of the organization and strategies.


Posted in Global, Productivity, Sharing best practices/standards, Single crop.