Botswana Agriculture Hub

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General Information

Crop: No crop specified

Geographic scope: Botswana

Active Countries: Botswana

Initiated in 2008

The platform was created in order to position itself as the force for commercialisation and diversification of the Agricultural Sector in Botswana.

Members: Government (Botswana Ministry of Agriculture)



Lack of commercialisation of the Agricultural sector in Botswana.

Created by the Botswana Ministry of Agriculture, several projects and initiatives are being implemented in order to commercialise the Agricultural sector due its high potential to diversify the economy and create employment, especially in rural areas.


Intentions and aspiration

Promote an economically viable, sustainable agricultural sector, via the production of quality agricultural products for local and global markets.

The platform, which targets mostly traditional and subsistence farmers, envisions leading the transformation of agriculture thus, contributing to the wealth of Botswana by 2020. BCI’s mission is to be the catalyzing force of agricultural commercialisation and diversification. The platform lives by the principles of:

  1. Botho (treating customers respectfully),
  2. Team Work,
  3. Customer Focused,
  4. Innovative,
  5. Integrity.

    Additionally, the platform aligns with Botswana’s National Development Plan 10.


Arrangements and capacitities

The board of the platform consists of the Minister of Agriculture (14 people) and the Agricultural Hub Coordinator.



Activities and outputs

The platform provides recommendations, negotiations and intervention in order to facilitate the implementations of projects and initiatives that it overlooks. Moreover, members are subject to a Monthly Price Bulletin which contains latest agricultural prices of farming community’s concern, as well as ‘Agrinews’ which publicise information on the ministry’s development, projects, policies and programmes and other relevant information


Monitoring and evaluation



Posted in No crop specified, One Country, Transformation.