Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI)

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General Information

Crop: Rice

Geographic scope: Sub-Saharan Africa

Active Countries: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Initiated in 2013 (until 2017)

The Competitive African Rice Initiative was created to empower small-scale rice farmers in the Sub-Saharan region.

Members: International agencies (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (funding partners), Technoserve Kilimo Trust, The John A. Kufour Foundation (implementing partners), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walmart Foundation (funding partners).




Lack of adequate rice production.

The platform was created by the collaboration of the Kilimo Trust (member of a Pan-African Consortium), lead by GIZ and contracted by the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation and the German Ministry of Cooperation (BMZ). The platform emphasises cooperation with local companies, promoting the commitment of local companies through a fund to rice millers, whom have to match it with their own resources. This empowers smallholder farmers to be trained and business orientated according to market demand. Moreover, smallholder farmers obtain an advance payment from rice miller in order to buy high-quality seeds, fertilisers and agrochemicals.


Intentions and aspiration

Increase the competitiveness of domestic rice supply in order to improve the livelihoods of rice farmers.

The platform aims to reduce poverty of all smallholder, and rural service providers and rice millers. Its mission is to, via human capacity development, increase business skills and agricultural practices, and establish high-quality rice amongst small-scale farmers. The platform’s vision is to achieve a sustainable success of the African Rice Industry. In order to achieve this, the platform’s strategy builds on; identification, optimization and expansion of sustainable business models that integrate small-scale rice producers.


Arrangements and capacitities

A Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Management Board governs CARI. Each member is responsible for a country:

  1. The Kilimo Trust is responsible for Tanzania,
  2. GIZ for Nigeria and Burkina Faso,
  3. Technoserve for Ghana,
  4. The John A Kufuor Foundation (in collaboration with the Michigan State University) supports improved policy environment and alliance amongst stakeholders


Activities and outputs



Monitoring and evaluation



Posted in Brokering, Competitiveness, Multi-country, Single crop.