Grow Africa Head Office

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General Information

Crop: None specified

Geographic scope: Africa

Active Countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tanzania.

Initiated in 2011

A multi-stakeholder platform that aims to accelerate private sector investment in the African region.

Members: Private sector (bank, seed suppliers, service providers, processors, exporters), Government (several departments for International Development), Donors (Foundations, development agencies, other platforms such as AFAP, ACi, CARI, EAGC), Civil Society (Regional organisations regarding agriculture).



Potential of agriculture is not recognized.

The Grow Africa Partnership, which was co-founded by the Africa Union (AU) and the World Economic Forum, is an African-owned, country-led, market-based and inclusive platform, for cross-sector collaboration. The platform enables collaboration between governments, international and domestic agriculture companies, and smallholders. The platform intends to lower the risk and cost in agricultural infrastructure, and improve return to all stakeholders.


Intentions and aspiration

To develop multi-stakeholder platforms, incubate promising business models, promote innovative solutions, and accelerate the pace of implementation and return of investments.

Grow Africa focuses on farmers, women and youth, and smallholders that are recognised for the potential of input products/ services, financial/ data services and trainings. The platform intends to reduce poverty and hunger through the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems. The approach used by the platform consists of; driving investment commitments, working with international/ domestic private sector investors, supporting improvements in the enabling environment, working with national government, addressing systematic issues, identifying pan-African constraints to private sector investments and to share best practice.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is led by a Leadership Council consisting of high-level representatives from member groups, whom meet bi-annually. Grow Africa will face transition from being an autonomous entity and hosted by the World Economic Forum, to being hosted by the NEPAD Agency and governed by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee. Grow Africa consists of a partner platform, network and a secretariat. To become a member formal commitment in agriculture with the government in the corresponding country needs to be made.



Activities and outputs

The platform offers its members; an enabling environment for agri-business, support in innovation and commercially competitive solutions, incentive to operate responsibly. Moreover, Grow Africa provides a Gap Analysis Tool for Agriculture (GATA), which is a web, based analysis tool to allow members to establish and prioritise potential agricultural projects. The website provides members with a resource section, including publications, videos, tools, updates and a ‘My Feed’ section. Where events are held, the platform also provides summaries of discussions.


Monitoring and evaluation

In order to establish the success of the investment commitments, quantity of actual investment expenditure, number of jobs created and number of smallholders with increased incomes are measured.


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