Malawi Agricultural Partnership (MAP)

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General Information

Crop: Multiple Crops (rice, cotton)

Geographic scope: Malawi

Active Countries: Malawi

Initiated in 2007

The Malawi Agricultural Partnership (MAP) is a value chain based project aiming to build on the success of Malawi’s fertiliser subsidy program initiated by Prorustica and Yara.

Members: Government (Norwegian government), Donors (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and local authorities)



Ineffective subsidy programmes and expensive fertilizer supply chains.

The Malawi Agricultural Partnership (MAP) was facilitated by Prorustica and Yara, as well as other local partners to design and facilitate a partnership and related value chain project. Their focus was to create a more effective subsidy programme and cost efficient to reduce costs in the supply chain. This platform is one of the key programmes implemented by the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship.


Intentions and aspiration

To alleviate systematic problems and share risks through a PPP that will provide commercial and developmental support.

The platform, which is targeted at smallholders, has three objectives to create an enabling environment, to create an efficiency value chain, to create business services. It uses a collaborate strategy working with governments, private sector and donors to create an investment plan that alleviates problems in the fertilizer supply chain.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is run by a Board Chair with three Board Directors.



Activities and outputs

 The platform provides commercial and developmental support to sustainable and profitable smallholders in Malawi. Moreover, the Rice Partnership coordinates activities, and supports the awareness of a viable market via a marketing model that predicts the quantity; variety and type of rice that will be bought by a particular buyer in the partnership.


Monitoring and evaluation



Posted in Multiple crops, One Country, Promote investments.