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General Information

Crop: Multiple crops (soybean, maize, and sugar cane)

Country: Mozambique

Active countries: Nacala Corridor (Mozambique)

Initiated in 20o9

ProSAVANA was created in 2009 with a 20-year horizon to focus on the agricultural development of the tropical Savannah (the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique) through triangular co-operation. The focus of the platform is on cash crops, such as soybean, maize, and sugarcane. It was created by a joint initiative between MASA, JICA, and ABS, and was inspired by the experience of the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Development programs in partnership with JICA.

Members: the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of Mozambique (MASA), The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and The Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC).



Low agricultural productivity and high vulnerability to climate shocks

The platform aims to tackle the low agricultural productivity and the high vulnerability to weather shocks, which result in food insecurity and instability for populations. It aims to overcome the small market bottleneck via export zones through large-scale farming.


Intentions and aspiration

To improve the livelihoods of the Nacala Corridor population, through inclusive and sustainable agricultural and regional development

Its mission is to improve and modernize agriculture so as to increase productivity and production, and diversify agricultural production, and to create employment through agricultural investment and establishing a supply chain. ProSAVANA’s goal is to create new agricultural development models, taking into account the natural environment and socioeconomic aspects and seeking market-orientated agricultural, rural, and regional development with a competitive edge.


Arrangements and capacitities

In order for the platform to operate, projects under the ProSAVANA framework are co-coordinated jointly by MASA, JICA, and ABC. There is an administrative coordination unit named ProSAVANA-HQ (based in Maputo), consisting of these three members, in order to increase the effectiveness of the platform’s operations. HQ’s tasks include communication, coordination, and implementation of the platform’s projects, linking the program with the MASA directorate and promoting dialogue with the program’s stakeholders. It is also the point of contact for the private sector, civil society, and academics willing to participate in the platform.


Activities and outputs

The platform provides both internal and external communication materials (such as leaflets and posters) for its members. It also supports members’ access to markets and the creation of new value chains when required, as well as improved access to agricultural inputs and their distribution. The platform also supports agricultural extension services by the private sector, access to agriculture credit, and encourages collaboration between farmers and agribusiness. Finally, ProSAVANA has supported the development of agricultural infrastructure, such as logistics and irrigation systems.


Monitoring and evaluation



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