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General Information

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Geographic scope: Global

Active Countries:59 countries across the world

Initiated in 2010

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement was created on the principle that, in the global context, everyone has a right to food and good nutrition. Governments from countries affected by malnutrition sign up to become members of the movement. The movement collectively brings together people from governments, civil society, and the United Nations, as well as donors, businesses, and researchers, in order to improve nutrition.

Members: The members of the SUN Movement include (1) a network of Governments that have signed up to become members; (2) a civil society network, (2) a donor network, (3) a business network, (4) the UN Network for SUN. Overall the SUN Movement includes representatives from national governments, United Nations agencies, local and international agrifood businesses, scientists, professional associations, community organizers, medical practitioners, and civil servants.



To end malnutrition

The platform was developed to end malnutrition in all its forms. It works collaboratively with members on both international and national levels and with multisectoral strategies. SUN proposes that civil society, donors, UN agencies, and the private sector should all collaborate to support Government-led multi-sectoral strategies to combat malnutrition. This is done through multistakeholder partnerships, convened by the national governments. All SUN stakeholders are committed to the idea that, by transforming behaviors at individual and organizational level to align behind national nutrition priorities, we can amplify the reach and impact of every stakeholder’s work and scale up nutrition in a faster, more equitable, and more sustainable way.


Intentions and aspiration

To catalyze support for countries prepared to ‘scale up nutrition’.

The SUN Movement engages in: principles of transparency regarding intentions and impacts, inclusiveness, rights-based behaviour, a willingness to negotiate, mutual accountability, cost-effectiveness, enabling communication, acting with integrity and a high ethical manner, being mutually respectful, and not harming. It a process driven by its multi-stakeholder platforms at country level supported by the SUN Movement Secretariat and the various SUN networks. Committed national governments work together with people from different stakeholder groups and at all levels—from national and district levels to the community level, to reach the most vulnerable people across sectors.


Arrangements and capacitities

The SUN Movement Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Service, headquartered in Geneva, which is supported by several donors. The stewardship of the SUN Movement includes a movement coordinator, a lead group and an executive committee. In addition, the SUN global networks work independently through their own secretariats and committees to raise their own resources for scaling up nutrition. Nevertheless, the movement is driven by its country members, which include Governments, UN agencies, donors, civil society organizations, academia and businesses. SUN countries raise their own domestic and external resources for scaling up nutrition nationally, with support from the global networks, to mobilize partners. Countries engage with the movement through four strategic processes: (i) bringing people together, (ii) establishing coherent policy and legal framework, (iii) aligning actions around a common results framework, and (iv) tracking finances and mobilizing resources.


Activities and outputs

The SUN Movement provides support to SUN country multi-stakeholder platforms by strengthening their capacity to deliver results and improved nutrition. Services include joint events, such as annual global gatherings and regional workshops, brokering partnerships and alliances as well as an exchange of knowledge and shared experienced, collectively addressing knowledge gaps and building on evidence-based experiences. The SUN country multi-stakeholder platforms also benefits from overall support and coordination from the SUN movement coordinator, SUN movement secretariat, and the SUN multipartner trust fund, and support from the networks to mobilize partners and support locally.


Monitoring and evaluation

Since 2012, the SUN Movement Secretariat has developed a common M&E framework for country members. It is based around assessing the institutional transformation and actions needed to scale up nutrition across four processes in order to achieve the four strategic objectives outlined in the SUN movement strategy; it provides a clear way to evaluate progress in each of the four processes. It involves the outcome mapping methodology, which looks at how the behaviour of actors in the country level multi-stakeholder platforms changes within the four processes. Tracking of progress is undertaken bimonthly via the SUN country network calls and annually through joint-assessment taken by the countries. Moreover, it ensures that there is consistency in demonstrating progress and also enables the SUN Movement Secretariat to identify progress behaviour across the movement. Country progress are reported in the SUN Movement Annual Report together with the progress reported by the SUN networks.

The SUN Movement Secretariat is currently in the process of expanding the current M&E framework with the development of a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning system. In the years to come countries in the SUN Movement will be asked to show progress with their implementation and spending and demonstrate results and impacts on the nutritional status of their population, especially young children and women of reproductive age. SUN global networks and partners will be asked to step up to support countries that are lagging behind in their progress.


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