The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

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General Information

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Geographic scope: Global

Active Countries: Global

Initiated in 1996

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research is a community working collaboratively to transform and strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems globally.

Members: Private sector (Pan African Agribusiness and Agro Industry Consortium, Croplife International, Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Public-Private-Partnerships such as The African Agricultural Technology Foundation and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa; Donors (bi-lateral and multi-lateral donor agencies, development banks and philanthropic foundations), Civil Society (The Civil Society Organisation Group on Agricultural Research for Development (CSO GARD), Farmers organisations (66 National Farmers’ Organisation, Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development as a partner in GFAR with 17 farmer organisation in 13 countries), Others (The Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA), Addociation of Intnernational Research and Development Ceneters for Agriculture (AIRCA), FARA, AARINENA, APAARI, CACAARI, EIFARD, FORAGRO, and Global Forum on Rural Advisory Services, Consumers International)



Inefficient agricultural systems.

The GFAR, created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), brings together multi-stakeholders at the global level to stimulate regional/ national actions towards the commonly agreed aims.


Intentions and aspiration

Establish a platform for agencies and organisation to come together in order to exchange dialogue and represent the agricultural innovation community globally.

 The platform puts its efforts towards resource-poor farmers and rural communities, to contribute to poverty reduction, malnutrition and ensure sustainable use of resources. The platform envisions making agri-foods research and innovation systems more effective towards SDGs, and obtains the mission to catalyse Collective Actions that strengthen and transform agri-food research and innovation systems via partners at all level.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platform is governed by a Partner Assembly made of global partners, regional partners and partners that are nominated by regional constituencies. The Multi-stakeholder Steering Committee consists of global, and regional partners from other constituencies, which are selected by the Partner Assembly and overlook the accountability in all areas of the platform. The Secretariat provides support to the Partner Assembly, the Steering Committee and all stakeholders, and overlooks the development for a strategic agenda for agri-food research and innovation, promoting networks and partnerships and convenes meetings.



Activities and outputs

GFAR provides its members with main products including: a Forward Thinking Platform, which is a space for exchanging and conversing about the futures of agriculture and rural development, Foresight Working Groups where those who want to improve their knowledge through active and regular contributions, and Foresight Exchange Workshops that are convened in order to facilitate direct interactions amongst the Group Members where results, methods and discussion of field experiences are shared.


Monitoring and evaluation

The platform’s Steering Committee is in charge of monitoring the development of the programs, and periodically brings in an external evaluation to asses progress, coupled with the goals and objectives. However, the Monitor, Leaning and Evaluation (MLE) approach for key outcomes is being developed which intends to document institutional and individual achievements, capacities and will improve the quality of reporting.


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