Zambia Business Innovation Development Fund (ZBiDF)

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General Information

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Geographic scope: Zambia

Initiated n/a

The ZBiDF was created in order to facilitate dialogue and innovation so as to engage businesses to directly support the action of public–private partnerships on business practice and development challenges.

Key partners in the private sector include organizations such as the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM), Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA), and the Private Sector Development Reform Programme (PSDRP). The government members are the Zambian Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Zambia Development agency. Moreover, international agencies such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Embassy of Sweden, and the United Nations Development Programme are involved. NGO and civil society is made up of the Netherlands Development Corporation and Copperbelt University; there is also support from private sector development organizations for Zambia.




Lack of trust across-sectors.

The ZBiDF is a business partnership action hub that was initiated by The Partnering Initiative (TPI). Through the use of a local country-level platform, it brings together stakeholders to demonstrate the alignment of interests to each member. Moreover, it allows for the facilitation of innovation, and helps develop a win–win partnership between stakeholders.


Intentions and aspiration

To engage business, facilitate dialogue, and innovation, and directly support public–private partnership action on key business and development challenges.

ZBiDFs mission is to support, catalyze, and scale cross-sector partnerships; this allows the full potential of businesses to operate in a commercially viable manner and supports development goals. The main goal of the partnership is to facilitate dialogue and innovation between businesses, to engage them, and to support public–private partnerships on business and development challenges.


Arrangements and capacitities

The platforms operations and business development is managed by a national director, with a current focus on supporting and controlling the development of partnerships in manufacturing, agriculture, and extractive industries. ZBiDF is managed via a small team of trained partnership brokers who act as the managers of the partnering process, taking initial and follow-up step to ensure collaboration is taking place. Key members of the governance structure include the Zambia Business in Development Facility, which receives guidance and assistance from the Champions & Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG, in turn, is made up of stakeholders from different sectors, which include international donors and organizations. Their main role is to leverage resources, promote action, and provide strategic advice to the ZBiDF.


Activities and outputs

The platform offers an environment in which players across sectors and industries can take action on issues of mutual benefit, assisting stakeholders to develop effective partnerships and providing assistance to those already in partnerships by providing technical assistance. It supports partners and potential collaborators in finding ways to share their knowledge resources on issues of mutual interest. The platform also provides its members with core services, including creating cross-sector partnerships, supporting, scaling, and sustaining these partnerships, as well as building partnership skills, communication, and dialogue across public–private cross-sector arenas.


Monitoring and evaluation



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